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Little Man Found in Los Angeles!

April 2018

Lead Investigator  Mari Cartagenova




The Case of Little Man


Found in Los Angeles, California

April 2018

By Mari Cartagenova

Little Man Is HOME!!!💗

With the guidance of Spirit I was lead to another lost fur baby in Los Angeles yesterday - A cry of help from a friend of the owner in Peru lead me to tune into “Little Man” the lost cat.

😻 Here is her lovely testimonial:

“Little Man has been found! A special thanks to Mari Cartagenova whose reading was right on the nose. Let me share to you what Meghan (the owner) wrote last nite:

“The house where I found him was a small brown house with Spanish tile roofs. In the backyard there tons of trash cans and the place is full of bushes, tall grass, & pretty much all the detail that Mari described - And she was also right on the money as Little Man was found not far from where he left.


Thank you for everything that you have done that means a tremendous amount to me. xx”

Eddy Found in Ireland!

September 2017

Lead Investigator  Mari Cartagenova


The Case of EDDY

Lost: Slieve Bloom Mountains, Ireland

Found by Mari Cartagenova


Eddy was lost in a 6,000 acre mountainous region of Ireland called the Slieve Bloom Mountains last Sunday Sept 3rd, 2017. She was on a walk with her family and got spooked and ran off. Her family was desperate to find her and PDI was called in to see if we could help.


As a member of Pet Detectives, Mari took this case to find Eddy the pup who was only 12 months old. Even though Mari lives over 4,000 miles from where Eddy was lost, we at PDI know energy is the same everywhere and that with trust, Spirit would provide the messages. Knowing nothing more than the name of the town and the dog, Mari set to connect to her guides and Spirit.  Throughout the course of 5 days, Eddy gave her many, many signs that were confirmed by her owner. She described exact buildings she had been to in this tiny village.  She showed her the very tall pine trees that they log there, a particular bench where people sat,a playground where kids play and the unusual shape of the church steeple.


Over the course of the week Spirit gave Mari hundreds of pieces of evidence that were validated by her owner. One of those bits of information was “I’m seeing some type of red cloth or scarf “ which Mari didn’t recognize. However, the owner confirmed that the Loggers in that area use a long red sack as a sign when they are working in the forest. They leave it hanging on the gate while someone is working there and then remove it when the last truck leaves. This red cloth would prove to be a significant piece of evidence.


Mari also kept getting the number 6 – The owner told her that the spot Eddy ran away from was next to Cabin number 6. While Mari appreciated this, She knew Spirit had more about number 6 for this case. She felt strongly that on the 6th day, Eddy would be found.


As Divine timing would have it, when the owner went back to that gate where that red cloth was on the 6th day of her disappearance, just after 6pm, Eddy was found!  Her family was over the moon grateful and relieved to have Eddy back in their arms.


Paxton Found in California!

September 2017

Lead Investigator  June Elaine Evans


The Case of PAXTON
Lost: Santa Clarita, Ca.

Found by June Elaine Evans

Paxton was lost in the Santa Clarita Valley in California in September 2017. PDI was contacted and June Elaine was assigned to the case. Lorena Zeballos who is a local California missing animal investigator also assisted on the case. She is a pet detective in California who we at PDI call "the ground crew". They do the hard work of pounding the pavement to help find missing animals with the clues we provide. June worked with "Cooper" who is Lorena Zeballos dog in the Spirit world, and her own "Guide Dogs" to obtain clues as to Paxton's where abouts. While this might sound unconventional, look at the results - It works!!

June followed Cooper on a journey of where Paxton had been and where he was headed. Each message that came from Cooper showed June the direction Paxton was going.. These clues were then given to Lorena to follow up in directly and provided her confidence that she was on the right path. June's first message was "Patterson's". This turned out to be a business very near where Lorena told her that Paxton had been sighted the day before, (which June had no way of knowing). This lead us to the ultimate location of Paxton near a closed bridge where he was being fed and his capture.

It was an honor to work with Lorena and her smart spirit dog Cooper.
The second picture shows Paxton right after his rescue. He was a little dirty but in good health. He wasn't easy to corral and kept Lorena and June up late some nights. But it was all worth it!  
Another Case Closed by PDI.

Odie Found in California!

June 2016

Lead Investigator  June Elaine Evans


The Case of ODIE
Lost: Santa Clarita Valley, CA

Found by June Elaine Evans

Odie had been missing for 64 days in the Santa Clarita Valley. Volunteer rescuers searched for countless days and night, putting up hundreds of flyers up across a 14 mile stretch, taking phone calls in middle of the night phone and following up on tips.


After several days of sightings in one particular location June Evans of Pet Detectives was contacted. She came in with some specific information that helped find Odie. She mentioned the names "Squam Scott", Campers, and an RV area. She also saw Odie under a bridge and said that he was being fed by homeless people there.


These clues were validated by the volunteers. A river nearby a where most likely he was getting his water, there was a sighting near a cross street "Scott", and a RV/mobile home park on this street was called "Camp Plenty". There were also reports that campers/homeless people were feeding Odie under the same bridge.

The next morning after this report, one of the volunteer ground crew received a confirmation call that Odie was regularly being fed by the homeless as June predicted. A feeding station (trap) was set up in this area and a couple of days later Odie was found! Another successful reunion of a pet and their owner courtesy of PDI.


Prancer the Cat Found in Arizona!

March 2017

Lead Investigator  June Elaine Evans


The Case of Prancer
Lost: Wickenburg, AZ

Found by June Elaine Evans

Prancer the cat has gone missing. This was an indoor cat and not used to being out in the elements. After 2 days the owner was frantic, posting flyers everywhere, calling shelters but with no luck. After hearing about PDI from a friend, the owner called June Elaine Evans from Pet Detectives International. 

June gave the owner evidential information about Prancer's surroundings and little habits she had (Prancer loved ice cream!!). The important clue she got was when she heard the song in her head "And the cat came back the very next day...". Once she heard this she told the owner "Prancer will come home to you tomorrow". And as divine timing would have it, Prancer actually sauntered right back to her home that very following day!

The owner was amazed and overjoyed. "Thank you June! I cant believe you knew the exact timing of Prancer's return! I so appreciate your time, accuracy and overall kindness. Pet Detectives is unreal!"  Cindy P. Wickensburg, AZ

Another furry reunion brought about by Pet Detectives.

Romeo the Cat Found in New York!

March 2018

Lead Investigators  Mari Cartagenova

                                    & June Elaine Evans



The Case of Romeo
Lost: New York, NY

Found by Mari Cartagenova & June Elaine Evans

Romeo the cat has gone missing. He had gone outside with his brother and for some reason did not return. Right away the owner knew something was wrong. Wondering who to turn to, the owner asked friends who she should call. A number of people she asked thought Romeo had already passed away, but the owner knew she had to uncover what had happened to her fur baby. A friend of hers knew of June Elaine Evans from Pet Detectives International so she decided to give June a call. 

Working as a team, June gave the owner evidential information about Romeo that was all verified. Mari was able to give streets and locations that Romeo had been and the reassurance that Romeo had not passed - "have faith and trust your intuition". The owner send Mari pictures of places she had described in her reading and Mari was able to tell if Romeo had been by there or not. After the 8th day of looking at photos, Romeo returned home! The owner was so full of joy her baby was back!!

Another furry reunion brought about by Pet Detectives.