"I can't express my amazement and gratitude to Mari enough. She gave us endless support, comfort and validation when we recently lost our dog Eddy in a mountainous region in Ireland. Over the 6 day period that our dog was missing, Mari told us many places she had been spotted. She was able to precisely describe locations in the village and 6km (4 miles) away where we had last seen Eddy. Our dog is very anxious and was always on the move, so this was a difficult challenge. We were losing hope but Mari kept us going.

Throughout the process, Mari provided us with so much proof that she was following Eddy - For example; She  described a house in the village where our dog had been - We checked with the homeowners and they said a small dog fitting Eddy's description had scampered from there a day earlier. Mari also had a heavy connection with the number 6 and a red cloth flag. The red flag was tied to a gate the loggers go in and out of and that's where we found her! The number 6 was posted on a old sign post at the log cabin right where we lost her. Mari also said we'd find her on the 6th day - and we did!!! at 1800 (6pm) no less!!  Red flag and 6-6-6.

We are beyond amazed at Mari's abilities - and I would like to add that there is **no way** on this planet that Mari would have had prior knowledge of the geographical area where we are located. Thank you Mari for giving us our baby back."

Jo M.  - Ireland      September 2017

"We at Dog Days Search and Rescue are a group of people that help animals. Our goal is to reunite lost animals back to their families or to get them off the streets and into safety.

Odie had been missing for 64 days in the Santa Clarita Valley. His rescue was filled with countless searches of the wash day and night, hundreds of flyers up across a 14 mile stretch, middle of the night phone calls and texts.

After several days of sightings in one particular location, we decided to keep sightings private to avoid Odie from being chased. This is where June Elaine Evans, Psychic Medium and Animal Communicator came in with some information that was never disclosed. She mentioned Squam Scott, campers, an RV area, and an area under a bridge where he was being fed. June Elaine had never been to this area and had no idea this area even existed.

And just like she said, there was a river/water where most likely Odie was getting his water, there was a sighting near a cross street "Scott", and a RV/mobile home park both near there and the street name is "Camp Plenty". Campers/homeless people were there and were feeding him under the bridge. This confirmed we were in the right direction, so we continued to post flyers.

The next morning, one of our team members received a call, Odie was seen being fed by the homeless in this *exact* area mentioned by June Elaine. We set up a feeding station with the help of "BJ", our homeless friend, a couple of days later this once sad story came to a happy ending.

Thank you June Elaine Evans! Without your accurate information we never would have found Odie! You are truly amazing!"

JoAnn  - Simi Valley, CA      June 2016

Mari is a gifted medium. One of the first impressions she received was our missing cat was still alive. That's what I needed to hear. Her guidance steered us to locations to place flyers which we believed would help us find Romeo. Three days later our Romeo returned home. Mari also helped us during our search with locations which felt good to her, or not so good. I highly recommend her services.


P.C.   New York    March 2018

Thank you Thank you Mari...
Mari was able to tell me about my 15 yr old Yorkie mix Maggie May. I knew something was wrong but didn't know or understand what was wrong. She was able to pinpoint the fact that she hadn't gotten her Christmas stocking this year and was sad about it. Also a new baby was in the family and she was feeling left out. Also, she was achy from older joint pain. AND her stomach was upset by the new food changes we had made (even though it was supposed to be healthier for her). I can't believe how accurate she was. I am so excited to be helping Maggie now that I know what is wrong. It all makes sense. So thank you so much Mari :)

Melinda G.    October 2017

Thank you so much for your reading on Clarice! You gave me a lot of comfort after I had to give her up. You got everything about her right - especially the special treats I gave her, the feed bowl I used and how she and I would bump into each other at our apartment!

You also mentioned that I would go and visit her - This happened the same day the new owner sent me pictures and asked me to arrange a visit! Wow! This is amazing Mari!   Thank you again for the accurate reading!

Edward F.   December 2017

I contacted Mari for a reading regarding our cherished kitty, who went missing two months ago. After endless, and unsuccessful, searches by family members, both out in the community, as well as through online forums, I wanted guidance as to what may happened... In Mari, I found a compassionate, insightful soul who gave us some sense of peace over what may have happened. I had given Mari only basic details up front, yet she provided details of our kitty that are spot on, so I truly felt that we were getting the benefit of deep wisdom and connection. I would, without reservation, highly recommend Mari to anyone wanting insight and understanding of whatever life issue with which they may be faced.

David K. November 2018