What To Expect

How does this work?


After the initial contact, PDI will ask the client for all the detailed information on the missing pet - the where, how and why of the disappearance. Then our team will meet and discuss all the facts of the case and the client will be assigned a contact person. For pets that have been missing for 2 weeks or less, Mari Cartagenova will most likely take the case. Mari works on most "fresh" cases unless she has a scheduling conflict. We understand that time is of the essence and we will always strive to do your pet's reading as soon as we possibly can, usually in a couple of days. 

How do we get our information?


This is a fair question. First and foremost, we work with our guides and with Spirit. Some people may think this is unconventional - and yes, we agree. We are not your usual Private Investigation firm. But the proof is in the pudding and we have solved hundreds of missing animal cases using these methods. We also employ more traditional investigation work as well as our "ground team" in select cities to physically search for your pet. But take a look at our success stories and testimonials and judge for yourself. 

Your only requirement is to send us photos of your missing fur baby and any pertinent information regarding their disappearance.


What happens next?

We here at PDI work together as a team - and when we work with a client they become part of our team. If Mari is handling your case, she will reach out via email to collect the pet's information. Then when she is done with your reading she will send you an email with all the clues and pertinent data to help find your fur baby. Then you are able to ask her questions as well as send her videos or pictures of places you search. Mari can usually tell if the animal has been there or is nearby. It's important to follow up on all the clues, no matter how random they may sound. Animals communicate through a series of pictures, images or feelings. These clues must then be interpreted to help determine where the pet is located and searched for the same day.


The client must also understand that as the tips are provided they must be acted upon immediately- No animal is sitting around waiting to be found. Usually, they are scared and continuously on the move, searching for food and shelter. It is imperative that when information is given to the client that they go and investigate these tips promptly. This ensures the highest chance that the pet will be found. 

In the event that new clues are brought to light, please reach out to your contact person at PDI immediately. This allows us to pinpoint the location of your pet with more accuracy and to help bring your fur baby HOME.

Please note: There is a form that needs to be signed in order for us to start our work, especially in cases where a reward is involved. This contract is an assurance that you and your pet will have the full attention of the PDI staff and that the searching will begin once we receive this information and your fee. Please either fax or email the form back to us as soon as possible. You can access this form here

How do I pay?

We have online booking. Just go to the online booking tab and follow the instructions. We accept PayPal and Square for your convenience.

Please be aware that no work will take place on your case until payment has been made.